(this is) the dream of evan and noah

so it looks like evan and noah have been busy... apparently they've assembled a crack team and will soon launch odeo, a podcasting startup.

as much as i've aped on podcasting in the past, i think evan and noah may be on to something.
Compared with the other various approaches so far, Odeo (pronounced OH-dee-oh) means to be podcast central - an all-in-one system that makes it possible for someone with no more equipment than a telephone to produce podcasts and also makes it possible for users to assemble custom playlists of audio files and copy them directly onto MP3 audio players.


Odeo plans to base its business on the premise that the explosion of digital audio content has created the need for a central place to find relevant material and that there will also be a need for a market to buy and sell "premium" content in much the style of the eBay online marketplace.
don't worry about the high pitched squeal you just heard... i'm pretty sure that was dave winer. but i'm not sure if he was having a conniption fit or a joygasm. *shrug*

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