there's never enough time

i've suddenly found myself with a hefty handful of media to digest...
  • rolling stone 970, the hunter s. thompson tribue issue
  • an xvid hdtv rip of last night's "alias" [via]
  • audio from evan, danny and merlin's etech talks [via]
  • the bbc radio play of william gibson's "neuromancer" [via]
it really doesn't look like that much of a pile until you take into account the run times... "neuromancer" is two hours long; the etech talks go for about an hour and forty minutes; "alias" is another forty minutes; and i can digest the rolling stone in about an hour.

the thing is, my info sponge of a brain sort of wants to finish it all tonight. and it may seem antiquated, but i need to focus on one thing at a time to really absorb it. since i can't justify spending five and a half hours doing each individual task, i won't finish all of it. besides, seinfeld is on in a half an hour...

updata: i took a sick day on friday, yet i still haven't been able to slog my way thru the radio play for "neuromancer". i'm not sure why.

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