withdrawls are fun

so, i gave up sodas and energy drinks for water, tea and unsweetened juices this monday. the idea was for me to cut back on the sugars that i consume in hopes that it'd move me towards the path to getting healthy. sometimes, all it takes is a nudge.

the only problem is, i have a severe chemical dependency on caffeine... and my withdrawls kicked into high gear today. tea helps take some of the edge off, but it doesn't seem like it's going to be enough.

i feel exhausted.
i have a low, throbbing headache.
i'm crabby as all hell.
no, this isn't going to be fun.

but as long as i keep it up, i'll should be able to notice a real difference by this time next month. wish me luck.


click said...

Boogity.. Stick with it. This is a great step for your health. When Jason quit drinking coffee (which he was very dependent on before I knew him; he would drink espresso like water) he had similar effects for a while. It'll go away, I promise. Just take some asprin, drink pleanty of water and be sure to eat a balanced diet while you're going through this.

And some words of real encouragement: when I stopped drinking soda, I dropped 40 lbs. Given, I was treated for diabetes starting the same time, but my diet change was to not drink soda. it's sooooo many empty calories; if you maintain your weight now while consuming soda, you will definately lose weight without excerscising by cuting out the soda calories. Something to look forward to.

Toasty said...

try switching to Yerba Matte in the meantime. It has a caffeine like element to it that kills withdrawl symptoms but is easier to kick itself; kinda like the patch for coffee. but beware the wooziness on your first few cups - it has a kick.