story on local boy makes front page of paper; film at eleven

story on local boy makes front page of paper
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there's a profile on me [and preshrunk] in today's oc register.

i'm so happy about all this that i don't quite know what to say. i may as well let the article do the talking for me...

When he was in high school, Jason Cosper followed the code of the cool hunter.

Say you scored some fantastic T-shirt in a thrift store, something your friends would all envy for its irony or humor or sheer coolness. Went without saying that you'd never give up your source.

Exclusivity made it more special - your thing and no one else could have it.

So, the success Cosper enjoys with Preshrunk.info - his 5-month-old weblog on cool T-shirts - pains him ever so slightly as he crosses that old line for thousands of readers each day.
*sigh* i'm a very happy cat right now...

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