hooray for anthropohobia

i had a very "gee whiz" moment over the weekend with the bank of america website, so i thought i'd share...

ever since b of a fucked me over with a direct deposit snafu back in 1998, i've been bank account free. yeah, i'm one of those weird anomalies that you only ever hear about. other than having to jump thru a few hoops whenever i wanted to cash my paycheck, i really haven't had too much of a problem without one. honestly, it wasn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. in fact, i was really happy without one...

that is, of course, until i figured out that i sort of needed one if i wanted to buy a car.

since i'd cleared things up with bank of america back in 2000, i thought i'd give them another chance. besides, i work in a building where the bank is literally downstairs. call me lazy, but it seemed like a nice fit. *shrug* were there a wells fargo in the same building i'd probably be with them right now.

now since i'm sort of a hermit, i really wasn't looking forward to sitting in a lobby for an hour or two while some guy shuffles paperwork and feigns being friendly while they run a credit check on me. still, it was something i assumed i had to do. that is until i went online to check when the bank opens. it was then that i noticed that i could apply for an account online. really? a lack of human contact? sign me up!

20 minutes later, i'd done just that. on a sunday no less. and the next morning my inbox had a piping hot approval notice in it. it was a nice note that assured me that my atm card and checks should make their way to me in the next week and the only human contact i'll have to endure is going into the bank to set the pin on my card and verify my identity.

but man, how lovely is that?


Micah Sittig said...

Credit unions are where it's at! Non-predatory, small, and friendly. Check them out, if you ever decide to switch.

click said...

If you're going to stick with B of A make sure it isn't still direct deposit. Most of their accounts you have to deposit a minimum amount per month direct deposit..you can probably accomplish this by having your boss set up his bank account to allow him to send money directly into your bank account.. no more cashing your paycheck, either, and that will make your bank account free, which it really ought to be anyway.