upwardly mobile

so i got off the phone with april at scion of buena park not too long ago and she had some good news...

apparently they've got a 2006 xb in camouflage [see above] that should be coming into the port sometime around the 22nd of august. while i had my heart set on the blue, they don't have one of those on their delivery schedule for another month. and while i could be patient, i really don't want to wait that long.

sure, i could try to hunt a stock blue one out at another nearby dealer but it's sort of a pain in the ass. from what i understand they end up tricking most of the new cars out at the port unless they've been earmarked for someone.

*shrug* it doesn't upset me too much. after all, the camo was my second color choice. it's a bit more mannish of a color than the pearl blue anyhow.

but yeah, i'm excited...

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Acid Zebra said...

Well, I hope you like driving around in what looks to me like an enormous bread box ;)