6.12.00 :: 6.21 pm

i like it, when the day lays low and the sky is dull shade of grey. it makes me start to wish for rain. of course i mostly say that because i love the rain. water comes down, bathes the earth, makes everything it touches new - like a baptismal.

so i'm @ the norwalk metro station, waiting for the train to fullerton and doing this up in palm memo. in roughly an hour and a half i'll be meeting my friend from online, shimmerplanet. i've got a whole buttload of downtempo on the trusty mp3 player. [well, 12 songs in 48 megs - so not really a full buttload. maybe it's more like a quarter buttload...] perfect music for a cloudy day.
while i'm on the topic of music, i've recently become a fan of two new bands thanks to kcrw. first is a band that i've liked for a while, badly drawn boy. he's beck for the coffee house set. you might've heard his song "the shining" in a gap commercal and on kroq, but don't hold that against him... he's going to be big in the next year or so because of his wonderful talent and slick production, just you watch. next up is seƱor coconut. to describe them as simply as possible, they play covers of kraftwerk songs in the style of cha-cha. i know that sounds wrong but belive me, it's oh-so-right. you can find both artists on napster, so give them a try and thank me later. well, train's here time to go...

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