7.12.00 :: 01.44am

so, i met shimmerplanet. it's so nice to put a face with someone you're talking with online. we're supposed to go hang out again sometime soon and go test drive cars that we have no intention of buying. this girl is really fun to shoot the shit with and even easier to get along with than most people i meet for the first time. i get this feeling that we'll hang out more - that is if i didn't freak her out talking about my two favorite things: me and computers. i'm such a geek... not only am i posting something about meeting someone on my blog, but i'm doing a review on how hanging out with them went. then again, a blog is an open diary for anyone and everyone to read the extremely intimate and trite details of someone's life. so i'm being both trite and intimate and i doubt everyone, let alone anyone reads this blog to begin with. so i guess everything i write here in a way is safer than keeping a real diary. people only care about reading the silly little details of your life if you're trying to keep things secret. this is about as open as things get.
ugh, so anyway - i told shimmer about all the times i've gotten really drunk [even the time when i wouldn't put my clothes back on after getting nekkid with a whole bunch of other people at a jaccizzi party...] and a good portion of the other embarassing shit i've done. she didn't even hold it against me. i haven't gotten to the really weird stuff yet, tho. there's an extreme difference between weird and embarassing however. like things i won't and can't get into here without getting put on a list to be blocked by filter software for being too vulgar and strange. [yes, some filter software blocks sites that think outside the box and are just plain odd - so i probably already am on "the list" - sad, no?] yeah, so it's like 2.14am now. i'm just going to go to bed. i've got to get up bright and early and look for a new job. the old one isn't cutting it. peace and chicken grease...

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