a long one. written last night, and i just went to bed after i did it. no time for blog dr. jones....

12.08.00 :: 12.02am

how pimp is this? as a last minute thing shimmer and i went to go see kevin smith speak tonight. we decided to do this like 30 minutes prior to when it started, so almost immedeatly there was an element of slight risk because we were in one of the southernmost points of la county and the talk was in beverly hills. would we be turned away when we got there? would my streak of miserable luck foil me again? would we even find the place?
shimmer was at my house in less than ten minutes, and we bolted for la... down the 5. this was our first mistake. the only directions any of us had any forsight to get was the map of the general area around the place. let's here it for impulse planning! neither of us knew where the hell we were going and had no idea that we would have been better off taking the 405 instead. oh well. after much navigating and a side trip down to hollywood and vine [i suck as a navigator when i have no clue where i'm going.] we got there an hour late and the guy in the building garage let us park down in what seemed like the private lot. score. free parking in a garage we probably shouldn't have been in. so we headed upstairs and spotted someone sitting behind the receptionist's desk who was on the phone. she looked kind of bitchy, so shimmer spotted a security guard and asked him if they were still letting people in for the kevin smith talk. he informed us that they weren't and i asked him since we'd come out that way if there was anything to do in the area. he again replied with a no. i mentioned that it sucked because we came out from orange county [okay, so i lied a little... orange county is like two blocks away from my house tho so stretching the truth couldn't possibly hurt much.] and he felt sorry for us so he suggested we go upstairs to the theatre they were holding it in and see if we could find some open seats. he told us to tell the ushers that we'd left to go to the bathroom or something like that and someone took our seats... score again. pity can work fucking wonders sometimes.
so we head upstairs and go into the theatre. we look lost and doe eyed. an usher gets up from her seat and comes over to help us. she looks around for a second and decides there's nothing there for the both of us and takes us back out into the lobby and over into the other side of the theatre. when shimmer and i are following her thru the lobby she asks, "where were you two sitting?" not being able to come up with a good lie quick enough i said the first thing that came to mind... "i dunno. i wasn't paying attention. [to shimmer]: honey, where were we sitting?" shimmer comes up with something that sounded good enough to the usher about sitting on the right or whatever, but i'll admit i was more just a bit worried about getting in than anything so i kinda wasn't paying attention. anyhow, the usher talks to this other usher and said "can you find two seats together?" and he strikes off and goes looking for us. he finds two up the middle row and we head out in the lobby again to get to our final destination. we sit down and start to watch the talk, already in progress...
the talk kicked ass. kevin told many anticdotes about the making of dogma, what motivates him as a screenwriter and he even made fun of some of the people who were asking him questions. probably my favorite part of the talk is when he was going off about the films that inspire him, one of witch was a porn that jason mewes shot of him and his fiance - who he'd just purposed to - going at it. so anyway, the talk ended and some of the audience headed up to the stage to get an autograph and shake kev's hand. thinking that this may very well be my chance to meet one of my personal heroes, shimmer and i headed in that direction too. after wading thru the crowd, shimmer got an autograph and i got kevin to sign my palm pilot in notepad [since i had no paper]. he held it and everything. that is so fucking pimp. even tho i did stumble over asking him to do it, he didn't even flinch and just signed away. pure class that silent bob... pure fucking class.

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