and now it's time for scenes from an irc channel:

[skrooyoo] did you know that if you're on a 14.4 but say you're on a T1 in
your napster prefs, it automatically upgrades your connection
to T1?
[skrooyoo] It's true!
[skrooyoo] only works on 14.4s, though.
[DC-Ghent] wow, don't let lucent find out, ot they'll patent it.
[skrooyoo] i heard napster was a lucent plot to get everyone used to
working at t1 speeds so that when napster gets shut down
everyone will go out and lease lines.
[skrooyoo] thus making more money for the telco.
[DC-Ghent] Those Bastards! They'll do anything to save their dying company
[skrooyoo] exactly.
[skrooyoo] evidently, sales of Plan9 weren't going as well as they'd hoped.

that concludes this episode of scenes from an irc channel. tune in next time for more scenes from an irc channel...

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