dear lord, i started an avalanche last night... i'm buying zines again. next thing you know i'll be buying indie comics again. it all started last night when i went into tower records over in anaheim to get the new maxim. every time i buy maxim i always feel like crap because no matter how much i enjoy the magazine it's still pre-processed corporate america that i'm cramming down my own throat. so anyway, i decide to pick up a copy of giant robot for shits and giggles - not to mention the fact that the last time i read it i really loved it, but it's not like i make a habit of swinging by tower anaheim to pick it up....

so i leafed thru it on the bus this morning.

then, when i stopped off to take another bus it dropped me in front of tower anaheim. since i had 15 minutes to blow and it was raining, i went inside and picked up angry thoreauan, robot power (from the people who do giant robot) and rich mackin's book of letters. so i spent less than $10 on a bunch of zines that'll probably give me hours of good underground reading instead of a couple hours of entertainment from dick and fart jokes. but let's be honest, with the indie kick i'm on right now if angry thoreauan had a whole issue of dick and fart jokes i'd probably love them even more.

gee i feel like a big dumb animal sometimes.

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