went to see wesley willis last night at koo's up in santa ana. wesley, unlike the other bands who opened for him rocked the llama's ass. hell, i even got to headbutt wesley - which was so freaking cool... he grabbed the back of my neck and said "say rah", so i replied "rah" and he headbutted me. then he said "say rowr", again i complied and he layed out a headbutt. this went on for about a minute or so and then he went back to selling cd's and giving out headbutts. for such a huge guy, he's extremely gentle. anyway, great performance (except for the other bands, one of which captured the feel of warped records being played on a fisher price turntable.) and fun night. it wasn't really the scene of, well, most everyone i dragged along - but the people who got stuck thru the nasty outer crust to get to the meat had fun. except tim, but i can't blame him at all... i bought him dinner last night and lunch today for wasting his time and as a thank you for lugging my ass up there to begin with. ugh. looks like it's time to ramble.

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