saw the cadillac tramps last night at the doll hut. not only were they amazing, but the bands that were opening for them (the lonley ones, and some other band that two of the guys looked like unix geeks) tore shit up too. i'm not sure how much i spent on booze last night, but i do know that we (queeg, jay and i) drank the doll hut out of cider before the first band went on... and there were people more tossed than me. at the end of the night, some dude walked up to me as i was waiting for sage to get out of the little girl's room and told me how amazing my band was. apparently he thought i was the dude fronting the first band... so i had one of the best spots in the house, got to thank linda (owner of the doll hut) and gabby (of the tramps) for the amazing show and got to meet commie girl (of oc weekly fame). oh yeah, and i think the bartender with the short hair was pretty cute, but we won't get into that any further... at least not until i go back fully sober and try to hit on her.

so on wednesday, wesley willis is going to be at koo's up in santa ana. i really want to go. not for the "ha ha, let's laugh at the retard" aspect, but because i really enjoy his music... seriously. oh, and richard cheese and the tiki tones are supposed to be at the house of blues anaheim either this next friday (so says richard cheese's website) or on the 7th of march (so says the tiki tones and house of blues website)... but i'm so there too.

aging black leather and hospital bills / tattoo removal and dozens of pills / your liver pays dearly now for youthful magic moments / but rock on completely with some brand new components.

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