i've got a new haircut. it's just like my old style, but now it's shorter.

what's funny tho is the fact that i mentioned to the korean lady cutting my hair that i was going up to the san louis obispo area this weekend. she was like all, "ooh... you go up and visit your girlfriend?" and i replied, "nah. just going up to visit my friend.". to which she said "she a girl?". "yes. her name is caroline.", i say. "she your girlfriend then. she your friend. she a girl. you seem like nice boy. what wrong with you not go out with that girl?", the little asian lady queried...

"she's just a friend," i say back, "and even if she wasn't that'd be my business, not yours, right?" "you date her. a woman be good for you." she replies. it was a good haircut. too bad i didn't tip her.

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