what have i been up to the past couple days? a lot. most recently, i just did up a new splash page for the site. hopefully it'll look nicer than the purple crap that's been up for the past couple months. it's kinda a nod to the splash on matt haughey's site...

hrm. skroo, chs, pescador, warflower, jim [my brother], silver, banshee, queeg, vandal, eris and i went to go see flogging molly at linda's doll hut [i'm sporting my doll hut t-shirt today] last night. all i've really got to say is two words: fucking amazing. this show ranks right behind seeing social distortion at the house of blues in anaheim back in january. i'm still humming inside from the raw fucking energy that flogging molly put out, and frankly i'm really worn out. but getting to shake dave's [the lead singer] hand and tell him thank you for his songs that not only inspire me but keep me going when the shit gets heavy made my night. they played three or four new songs too, and i guess a new album is on the way. man, i'm really looking forward to that... oh, and i guess i made jim into a flogging molly fan by bringing him along. he had, in his words, "a kickass time".

i'm so worn out.

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