okay. let me explain that last post. humperdink and i decided that for shits and giggles we should go to disneyland. at 6 in the evening. with the explicit intent of getting kicked out.

so eighty-six bucks later, humperdink and i are standing in line to get in when humperdink says either "ass" or "fuck" nonchalantly and the lady behind us in line says "please, not in front of the children..." score one. five minutes later, the backpack nazi at the gate was checking my bag to make sure i wasn't smuggling any weapons or illegal stuff into the park and i say "nothing in here but headphones, my jacket and a newspaper... no sarin gas whatsoever."

"sir, we could detain you if you keep making terrorist jokes like that. it's not very funny either." she said back. bitch. grow a sense of humor.

but yeah... we fucked around, rode star tours without seat belts, visited websites that we probably shouldn't have at their innoventions exhibit, laughed at all the lame jokes on the jungle cruise ed mc mahon style [twice in a row even! the operator said we made his run better.] and made fun of a lot gay people. [it was gay day!]

but we didn't get kicked out until we were leaving the park and asked the security guard to kick us out. he did. mission sucessful.

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