if you would have asked me a couple weeks ago i would have told you that i wasn't a big livejournal fan. i have some friends that happen to be on it, and it's comforting to be able to see what they're up to with a quick glance. hell, i'm just happy that weblogs are becoming more acceptable amongst my friends. i remeber when i started this blog up back in 2000 [in july it'll be two!] i got a lot of crap from everyone who stumbled into it because i said what was on my mind and what i felt - and it was there for anyone to stumble on to it. having something where you talk about how a friend's attitude is pissing you off and then having that friend run across what you've said can put a strain on a friendship... but i've stuck with it and i love blogger. hell i paid for blogger pro, and even tho i'm not required to have a button on my site anymore if you peer down below you'll see the "powered by blogger" button.

so i was reluctant to join livejournal when my friend ne0nra1n did the one thing i seem to fall to - a girl saying "please". she'd asked me to join lj so i could comment on her posts. needless to say, i did. since i didn't want to eat up the free account i rode in on, i started mirroring my posts from here. unfortunatley things got too busy around the office so i neglected not only my blog here, but also my livejournal. in my free time i decided to try something... i was going to do independent content on both my livejournal and here [i used to have a section under each post for comments] and see which one got more feedback.

what i found is that livejournal is far more interactive and while it has the merits of being able to get instant feedback from friends it still doesn't beat this site. sure nobody ever posts feedback here, but that's not what i'm aiming for with gomi no sensei. gomi's pretty much my personal diary. someplace i come to blow off steam. if someone comes across it i'm not concerned. hell i like getting mail saying "feel better" when i'm sick or people who get concerned when i haven't posted for a couple days. livejournal is - for lack of a better description - more of a virtual pub. shit you'd never catch me doing here, like filling out those silly "what kind of [fill in the blank] are you?" tests are commonplace there. while a lot of my friends take their lj account seriously and post very personal things i'm there mostly to have a good time. sure, the occasional "i'm upset with this" or "that makes me happy" rears it's head, but honestly i'll use whatever outlet i have in front of me to bitch.

so don't worry about the state of gomi no sensei kids, everything's cool here. just thought i'd give anyone who happens to read this a little more background on why things have been so sparse lately.

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