this is completelty freaking brilliant. i feel like i've got far less of a weight on my shoulders now because of a call from one of our customers. he's apparently secured a bunch of funding to start a nationwide "corporate accounts only" isp based out of texas. at one point he was going to hook up with us and do this exact same thing but his resume was a little too sketch for our accountant [the third person in the equation at exo] and we decided not to go with him. apparently now that he's got his funding he called to make sure that everything was going okay here and i was happy with my job. i explained to him that we're very close to getting funding, and he said "if that doesn't go thru and you find yourself out of a job, give me a call."

i'm being scouted. if things fail here i have another ship. he doesn't want to snipe me from exo, but he does want to make sure that i have something that resembles a job. since nothing's ever really a sure thing tho, i'm not going to depend on it. but it's nice to know that people want me to come work for them. killer.

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