*sigh* bless me father for i have sinned. i've been paying more attention to my livejournal then i have here... shame on me. today alone has been interesting. since today's tax day and i'm indisposed of at work my mum swung by with my forms i need to send into the irs. yeah, shame on me for waiting til the last minute - but i'm getting money back. our accountant at work figured out my taxes for me for free and said i'd owe about twenty dollars - but i had to sign off as the one who prepared the taxes... screw that, pay the government money and take responsibility if our accountant fucked up. plus he didn't take into consideration my write-offs or anything along those lines. so i paid my tax guy to do my taxes and work my deductions to their fullest extent. long story short i'm getting around $170 back in fedral and $20 in state instead of having to pay.

in other stuff, i'm currently working on getting guerrillanews' headlines to be the front page fodder for packet storm. hopefully they find my proposal favorable and run with it. it'd really help bump up the profile at the very least.

also, talked to uberzone who's a user at our isp. he's an all around cool guy and he makes pretty good music. anyhow i told him i thought his cd he put out on astralworks was quite good and he seemed pretty jazzed that i'd heard it and took down our address at exo. perhaps he's going to send me something, but i'm not going to hold my breath and expect stuff because he didn't even say "i'll send you stuff". here's to hoping he does tho.

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