queeg and i went apartment hunting after work tonight. i've really been pushing towards moving into the area around the fullerton train station - and i think i've got queeg jazzed on it too. he's really not pushing as hard for a house anymore, which is good that he realizes that there's no way we'll find a nice house right away. even if that's the case we did drive around the side streets around downtown fullerton looking for the stray house with a "now renting" sign out front. and even tho we found none in the hour we drove i fell in love with the downtown area even more. all the houses around there feel like they're out of forties or fifties hollywood productions. i've always been in love with downtown fullerton because of the fact that it's a stray part of orange county that's got some history to it. it's also got a pulse that's indescribeable... so much youth and energy in such an old part of the county. *sigh*

i need to move in to that area. they've got heroes [101 tap bar and grill], the continental [martini lounge], the back alley [bar with dollar kamakazis], the rockin' taco [mexican joint meets piano bar], angelo and vinci's [italian resturant with a.d.d.], stubrik's [steakhouse that doubles as a bar. skroo hates it here], rutabegorz [best. health. food. ever.], taqueria de anda [best. drunk. gnosh. ever.] the hub [coffee, shitty bands, cute barristas. occasionally, king kukulele] and the regan years [80's video game haven] all in a quarter mile. not to mention the fact that they're getting a wahoo's fish tacos, have a costco within throwing distance and from most parts it's less than a $10 cab ride to and from the doll hut. manifest destiny...

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