so i'm reinstalling otaku [the presario 1275] because of a real bad snafu that ate the file allocation table. it's okay because i didn't have anything too important on the laptop but it's reinforced the need for performing a semi regular network backup. all i lost were about 6 albums of mp3's [aphex twin's "selected ambient works" a couple from amon tobin, de la soul's "three feet high and rising" with bonus disc, dj's shadow's "the private press", and a dj assault mix set], some domo-kun wallpaper, some porn, and some pictures of my girlfriend. all i'd really like back is the pictures of my girlfriend and maybe the de la soul album.

this also means i'll have to reinstall dreamweaver, photoshop, soulseek, trillian, mozilla and apply all the proper patches to window. whole lotta lovely, no?

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