toorcon so far

[7:06pm 09.27.02]
on the train with queeg, arclight and cacktus. after an unsucessful first hour [where i picked up a whole bunch of ap's] i got my rig set up and i'm now sucessfully wartraining. i'm not picking up a lot of ap's, but hopefully things will go a bit better when i get closer to san diego. okay. boozenow.

[12:08am 09.28.02]
sitting in dachb0den with noid, h1kari, dink and a handful of others. noid and h1kari are playing pool and everyone else is milling about. the reception was chilled the fuck out, and i hope to high hell that things are a bit more busy tommorow. we're working on getting my laptop some linklight love so i can send out this out. okay, fuck it, i'm online. time to post.

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