watching the seasons change in southern california can be a tad bit confusing to the casual observer. yesterday was the the last day of september and as i exited work i wished for the first time since late spring that i had my hoodie. anywhere else the brisk tempatures would signal that fall and winter were on the horizon. no warm weather would cross your doorstep until that time in late spring where you trade in your hoodie for warmer tempatures. but thanks to living where i do i've spent the random thanksgiving in shorts and bar-b-que'd in what should be the dead of winter. just because it's hoodie weather doesn't mean it's going to stay that way. maybe i'm one of many southern californians who wishes that there'd be a more definite change in seasons. a line that once crossed would force mother nature to make up her mind and stay that way for a good five to seven months. i've considered moving elsewhere just so i could experience real seasons, but perhaps the whole appeal of shorts and bar-b-que have kept me here.

weather, she is a harsh mistress.

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