liberal realism

a couple days ago when i mentioned michael moore's membership in the nra and how uncle chuck and the funky bunch scare me, i got a couple mails asking how i could consider myself a liberal and still belive in gun ownership. at the time i didn't have a good answer. oddly enough, moore's film "bowling for columbine" came up on the la2600 list today and i came up with a better grip on what sort of liberal i am.

one could say i'm not a mainline liberal - i belive in one's second ammendment rights. i oppose the "war on terror" that's become a war on anyone this administration isn't down with. i hate saddam hussein. i voted for perot. i say let the valley secede and if they screw themselves in the process - so be it [even if my girlfriend lives there]. ralph nader pisses me off, but so do bush and gore. in an election there are no lesser of two, three or four evils. i'm pro-choice and i think if religious zealots can get away with bombing clinics, the formerly-pregnant should be able to bomb churches. i'm not comfortable enough with god and racists to join a militia, but i think some of those crazy fucks in montana have the right idea. i'd love to keep the world free of wars, crime, hate and sorrow... give everyone free healthcare and keep them all in school until they can go out and make a killer living doing something they love - but nothing from the previous two sentences is cost effective.

i guess you could say i'm a liberal realist.

mind you, i still hate aligning myself with textbook liberals like moore or nader but i still consider myself one. *shrug*

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