no i wouldn't like fries with that...

life's been interesting lately. i've sorta pulled out of my social circle to get my life sorted out. if self-improvement is masturbation i'm going to have the biggest right arm you've seen in a couple months. so far i've taken the past couple weeks and gotten things solid on the girlfriend front and i'm gonna be tossing a whole bunch of horrible 486/pentiums and other outdated computer crap. if you live in the area [north orange county] i can drop you a list of things that i'm getting rid of before next trash day and an address where you can pick them up at. does this mean that i'm ditching the "master of junk" title? fuck no. i've still got plenty of functional secondhand hardware that i plan to get running. it may be time to ditch my broke-ass desk for some metal industrial shelving tho.

amongst all this reorginization i'm working on somewhere around a dozen projects that i plan on getting done before the new year. everything from starting my fledgling webdesign side gig to getting some colaborative tools i've wanted to do for a couple years implemented. on top of that i've decided that the most important thing i need to do is get a bit more healthy. the past couple days i've eaten three square meals and even tho i've been a tad bit hungry at times i think i'm gonna be okay there. because i've trimmed my portion sizes down, i'm saving money too. today's famous star from carl's jr. with no mayo/dressing/ketchup and extra lettuce/tomato ran me a whole dollar and a half. oh, and since megan's in school monday-wednesday and she's getting on a normal sleep schedule i seem to be doing so too. it's nice being able to wake up well rested - even if i am suffering from a cold right now. next on my dockett is to start walking during the evenings, maybe even working out on the weight bench my brother inherited from our old neighbor jon.

"the answer to my hunger is starvation / the answer to my self doubt is action / i smash hope with confrontation / confidence is a guess / i’m here and we’ll see if i fall or not / at the end of all of this we’ll know the truth / the gun isn’t loaded until all the bullets have been fired"

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