fustrated with weblogging software

i've been getting awfully fustrated with hosted weblogging services as of late. of course i've stated before that unless the new version of blogger pro really wows me i'm going to have to get movable type running but i'd like to give blogger the benifit of the doubt. well, here we are at the beginning of february and there's still no new version of blogger pro. frankly i'm growing impatient at the promises of getting something wonderful and then getting vaporware in return. i love everything they've done for me and the voice they've given me, but i've just about reached the point where i don't want to deal with it anymore.

...and don't even get me started on livejournal. i'm rather happy that i met megan because of it and everything it's done for free but i'm honestly beginning to really hate it. the performance of the servers recently have just become absolutley unacceptable. journals and images won't load and i get server down messages when i try to comment on entries. let's hope things iron themselves out soon or i'll be ditching livejournal too...

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