an open message to moby

dear moby,

small talk isn't my forte so i thought i'd just throw this out there for you. there's this really special girl out there named heather champ who runs a site that i've contributed to in the past called the mirror project. you might be aware of the site, but if you aren't i'll give you a quick synopsis - the mirror project hosts self portriats of people who have taken pictures of themselves in all sorts of reflective surfaces. anyhow, at the time of this posting she is eighty.four days away from turning forty and she'd like nothing more for her birthday than to get you to submit a picture of yourself in a reflective surface to the mirror project. seriously, that's all she wants. if you don't belive me, you can take a look here. while i doubt my letter will be the thing to sway you i must admit that you've proven to be a pretty stand-up guy in the past. if you do this i'll even try to like "animal rights" as much as i loved "play". thanks for your time.

yours truly,

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