get your blur on

i'm far too addicted to the new blur album ["think tank"] for my own good. what's funny/sad is the fact that i used to ape on them back when "girls and boys" was their single. i thought that song was way too fruity and to some extent i still do. so what's with this newfound adoration towards blur? i blame dan the automator and gorillaz for warming me up to them but i also have to point squarely to a policy i've taken on over the past couple years: if the music's good, fuck it. life's too short to worry about if you're being "cool" or not.

that said, the most radio accessible tune on the disc "crazy beat" is proving to be my favorite track. just behind that "we've got a file on you" is a minute of pure bile that's in an easy to digest nugget form. gorillaz fans that aren't familiar with anything by blur except for "song two" might be disappointed. still, in the half dozen times i've played it all the way thru it's proven to be a nice solid release.

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