get your irs on

if you're like anyone i know you probably waited until the last minute to do your taxes and you're scrambling around the web with your tax info at your side looking for a last ditch soloution. while intuit offers a web based version of it's turbotax software [that does e-file] there are some folks who don't want to or can't afford to pay the fees intuit charges to print out your prepared taxes. that's where the intuit tax freedom project comes into play. if you cleared less than $27,000 last year and haven't even considered starting your taxes yet intuit will offer you access to a free edition of their web based turbotax [which handles everything from your w2 to your 1099] with no charge to print your figured taxes. i ran my taxes thru just the other day to verify the work of my preparer and it took me a little over an hour to get everything entered and double checked by their system. what's even better is they offer you a chance to fill out and print an extension if you think you can't get your shit together in time or avoid the post office lines by using e-file.

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