new toy tuesday :: dano

i've spent way too much time today fucking around with the new version of blogger. even if it is nice and fast and fun i've gotta say that i coulda swore that the version of dano ev gave me a peep of at the blogosphere event was quite a bit more robust [css editor, etc] then the version that's out there right now. perhaps parent company google had them dial back some of the functions in the name of accessability or maybe i'm just on crack. some of the things i am seeing tho is it seems that they've taken care of the problem where blogger wouldn't add posts to an rss feed if it didn't contain a title element. not to mention the fact that the feeds now publish in rss 1.0 instead of rss 0.91. and they do have a "preview" button so you can make changes without having to post and publish, so that's pretty sweet.

i do hope that they have dano working with the blogger api by the time they allow user migration onto the new system. i'd hate to not be able to post using wapblogger or audioblogger if i migrated everything over.

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