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blogging sexpot lil suzie breslin is looking to get some funding together so she can publish a nice looking collection of her short stories titled "you're a bad man, aren't you?". as it stands she's taking up a npr/pbs like pledge drive with levels of rewards for contributions over fifty bucks but that shouldn't stop you from throwing down a fiver in the name of literary smut.
i only raised, like, eighty bucks one time on this blog one day awhile back when i was cranky. i have not asked for much, surely. that awful andrew sullivan, on the other hand, raised $80,000 in a week to keep up his conservative clap-trap. and don't get me started on the girl with the credit debt and the chick who wanted bigger milkers. this is an altruistic venture in service of the great cause that is literature. literature that is smutty, sure. but i am sure you will be excited, and proud, as am i, to be a part of it. won't you?
so open up those wallets a la "it's a wondeful life" and give until it hurts.

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