i liked you better before you sold out

i need to pimp angry monkey because i enjoy the piss out of his blog and he's totally slept on. i wish he had an rss feed but i'll settle for having to visit him daily until he does. of course i could solve that easily by offering him a place to host his blog where he can install movable type since he doesn't seem to have blogger pro... you hear that mat7thew? a place that's not on blogspot that you can call your own. get in touch with me and i'll make it happen.

same goes for ape shall not kill ape. i'll admit that when it comes to finding links for fresh fruit i'll pull some ripe ones from him now and again. since i don't credit where i find my links [mostly because the sidebar is so cramped to begin with] i just thought i'd give credit where it's due.

so in a year when everyone and their brother is giving them props for catalouging the best bits of the web remember that you probably read about them on an a-list blog - but i wrote about them first.

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