lately i've been itching to go somewhere. i'm not sure what's with the wanderlust as of late but i'm thinking a trip to somewhere - the destination really doesn't matter - would really help the funk that i feel like i've been in. british airways has a shopping holiday to london that consists of airfare from la and a three day stay in london [along with some other goodies] for $533. of course, i don't have anywhere close to $533 so that's sort of out of the question.

so what are my options to get the hell out of los angeles on the cheap? all i can think of right now is...

  • i could always bus/train/fly it up to the bay area to visit some friends - which i promised to do not only this year but the year before.
  • if i could find a way to vegas i could harass the people i know out there - not to mention burn thru cash on nickel slots.
  • round trip train tickets to san diego are under $35 - and i know enough people to couch surf while there too.

can you think of anyplace else i could go for a weekend that's not la for under a hundred bucks? want to join me? by all means, give me a shout.

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