in memoriam

normally i have no problem spewing forth any kind of though into disjointed ramblings but right now i'm really at a loss for words.

why? a close friend of mine ghent passed on yesterday after a brutal motorcycle accident. i found out a little over three hours ago and already i've gone thru a slew of emotions that include sad, angry and sick.

he was always the first person i'd turn to for a second opinion... whenever i was working on something new i'd always make sure to bounce it off of him. often times when i felt like bitching about something he'd always take the time to listen to me - especially when no one else would make the time. and even tho he was far more knowledgeable than i on loads of things he'd never talk down to me - or anyone else for that matter. he'd always treat everyone as an equal and i think that was his most endearing trait.

totally amazed by technology he was always the alpha geek, buying toys and showing them off to anyone who seemed interested. there was always a light in his eye when someone asked him about a feature on his tibook or cell phone. it was like a technology demonstration waiting to happen every time you'd hang out with him, and he never got tired of it. he truly loved and lived technology every day of his life.

i'd see him daily on aim and now i'm just waiting for him to sign on. rolling into the old haunt on irc to discuss things with friends his screen process gave me auto ops and a chill ran up my spine. noid offered to kill the process, but a handful of us told him to hold off... it was one of the last parts of him to exist on this mortal coil and some of us just aren't ready to let go.

i know i'm not.

my thoughts aren't really all there and i know i'm ommiting a lot. maybe more will come in time. if you knew ghent please feel free to leave a comment here.

you will be missed branden...

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