mobbed like goodie while my hoodie hides my eyes

i forgot to mention that my free [one] blogger hoodie came on tuesday. unforunatley it's been extremely warm so i haven't got to sport it for more than a couple hours this morning when it was hazy and 65 degrees out. also, the largest it came in was xxl. it's a little tight even though i normally wear my shirts in a xxl [two] so this heat wave will give me some time to drop a couple extra pounds before i represent proper.

since i've been a bit more active [see: walking] lately i've dropped almost ten pounds over the past two and a half months. if i actually ate properly i think i could have lost more, but i still love crap food [see: jack in the box tacos] too much to go the whole hog with a full on diet. i have been attempting to cut my food consumption tho [see: two jack in the box tacos instead of four] so we'll see how that along with my newfound will to exercise.

[one] free as in "hey, you bought blogger pro. pro's features are free now, so have a hoodie on your pals at google."
[two] i like to wear my hoodies one or two sizes larger for comfort reasons.

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