open source research

a little over two weeks from now i'll be giving a talk at los angeles 2600 called "push downstairs :: the privatization of peer to peer networks". as it stands the talk will deal with the shitstorm of riaa lawsuits as of late and how to set up your own private trusted network for your circle of friends using waste. there are no doubt better clients out there but the decentralized nature at the core of the waste network along with the encryption is what's sold it to me.

but still, since i only have between half an hour to forty.five minutes to give this talk it's going to have to be quick. still, i'd like for the outline i post online and hand out to be as complete as possible, so give what i have so far a look. if you know of a peer to peer soloution or an article that i'm totally missing please drop me a message or comment here. i'll revise my notes and add links to my talk outline up until november 6th - and give anyone who gives me something that fits in credit in the handout. on friday, november 7th i'll be giving my talk sometime around 8pm in the back room at philippe's. if you're in the area, swing by and check it out.

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