noisy neighbors

my neighbors are loud.

they haven't always been this way, but for the past few months every couple minutes between the hours of 8am and 10pm i am blessed with some of the most horrid screaming and yelling. the sort of screaming and yelling that can only be equated with sports fans going feral over some sort of clutch play that nobody but sports fans really care about. they haven't always been this loud, it just seems that lately they've discovered the joy of the dozen different sports channels on digital cable and have glommed on to them with a tenacity only seen in people with obsessive compulsive disorders.

so if you haven't guessed, i'm not much of a sports person. that's a different story for a different time that spawns out of being raised on the angels - who until recently have been one of the crappiest teams in baseball.

my loud neighbors are what i'm ranting about however, and short of building another three feet onto our back wall - which just isn't feasable - i'm short on ideas. i could fight fire with fire and be loud myself but i think that'll escalate the situation instead of solve it. any suggestions?

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