being the awesome girlfriend that she is megs bought me the paint by numbers obey giant poster from readymade. and after arguing with myself wether i should paint it or just frame it i decided that no matter what i'd do it'd be wise to frame it.

so naturally i hit up google and search for aaron brothers who do framing in most of the northwest, southwest and georgia. since we live in the 21st century i expected a little more than just a brochureware site with a store locator slapped onto it. i'd like the option of a custom frame builder online or at least some way of purchasing or pricing the more average sized frames.

of course, by saying this i most likely seem like a crank who thinks that every service and business belongs on the internet - and that's dead on the money. instead, in the spirit of readymade i think i'll probably just hit a home depot and get a couple sheets of lexan and make my own clear sandwich frame. that might be a bit more expensive but it'll no doubt look cooler when i'm finished.

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