armchair quarterback :: ipod mini

i'm a bit underwhelmed by the ipod mini. while the buttons have been placed under the solid state scroll wheel and it's smaller than ever [a half inch thick and 2/3 the size of a regular ipod] the price tag of $249 for the 4gb is where i'm not quite sold.

since apple's gone and raised the size of the low end ipod [15gb] without raising the price [$299] i'd much rather have a full fledged ipod with 11gb more space for another $50 than pay a little bit less for a neutered version of the original. i understand that apple doesn't want to cut into the market for their full sized ipods and at that size and price point they never will. can you tell that i'm miffed they didn't march a 2gb unit out at a $150 - $175 price point?

i must say, they do look nice tho...

updata: mathowie doesn't seem pleased either.

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