the system is down, yo

the box that houses gomi [along with a few other sites] is down. i'm not sure if it's chilling out and waiting for someone to feed it some keystrokes or if the box is proper fucked. all i know is i can't get thru to it and the next time i'll be in front of it is sometime around 10am. i've been meaning to rebuild the box that houses the website and i have most of the components for it but i just haven't had the time to do it. i just pray that the port i'm patched into on the switch is dead or i need to swap out an ethernet cable or nic. i'd crap my pants if the motherboard was fried.

what's funny about this entry is the fact that no one will be able to read my obsessive ramblings about how i hope my box isn't dead until after i get it back up...

updata: it would seem that one of the applications i was running happened to lock up the whole box after memory leaks chewed up all available memory. all i needed to do was reboot and kill a process on startup. crisis averted or something.

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