guess who's coming to etcon?

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omfg!  cory is such a sweetheart. he mailed me and said he was like totally giving me a pass to etcon. i was shrieking for half an hour before i called  megan and told her and she thought it was great too... ^_^ kay, the bell just rung and it's time for lunch so i'll ttyl.

i really, really apologize for subjecting you to that... cory actually did kick me down with a pass to the o'reilly emerging technology conference. and yes, the mail did make me a little batty. i seriously squealed and giggled for a couple minutes before replying. i swear, i'd kiss that man if i was anything but straight.

so why in the hell was i reduced to being a giddy school girl? because i admire cory - and not in the "single white female" sort of way either... it's more about the respect for him that i've gained by reading his prolific work over the last few years. i've swapped a few mails with him here and there and he always seemed really genuine, not to mention quick with a response.

of course most of you are probably saying "we get it, you're happy. but what in the hell is with the faux livejournal post?" i remarked to megs that every post i tried to write turned into something a fifteen year old girl would put up on their livejournal. so i decided to embrace that side of myself and let it out before it started to creep into my other writing and infect my mind like a plauge.

don't worry though, i'm all better now...

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