tales from the bus :: latinafight

today on the bus ride into work a couple of mexican gals on their way into school - probably no older than seventeen - started yelling at each other.

"i don't care if he got you pregnant."
"you need to shut up."
"oh no. you just didn't tell me to shut up."
"yeah i did. and i'll fucking tell you again. shut up."

then, the bigger of the two [who i'll call "shut up"] gets up from her seat at the back of the bus and walks up to the smaller one [who i'll call "with child"] who's sitting next to the door. with child gets up in her face and shut up starts going "i'll punch your bitch ass in the stomach so you don't have your stupid fucking kid.". then shut up takes a swing at with child, who ducks out of the way before she can connect with what would have been one fuck of a right cross to her jaw.

then the bus driver, who has been driving down the street this whole time comes over the p.a. in the bus and goes "if both of you girls don't sit down, clean up your language and shut up i'll throw you off the bus. just try me.". shut up yells "but i need this bus, yo." and both girls sit down. then her and with child shoot each other cold glares the rest of the ride.

right before i got off i heard shut up talking to her friend in hushed tones. she said something along the lines of "i'm so going to punk on that bitch when we get off the bus. smash her head into the fucking concrete and shit." and i believed it.

but man, if that one punch connected it would have been spectacular. fists would have started flying and the passengers around the fight would end up becoming unwitting participants in a horrible jazz style interpretative dance reserved for second year dance students.

i hate admitting this because it'll make me seem brutish and horrible but i love watching fights between latinas. it's sort of like watching a cock fight go awry. not that i've seen a cock fight... or a donkey show for that matter. but i feel safe in saying that a fight between latinas is like either one of those. it makes seconds seem like hours and lasts until one of the participants goes limp. it's ugly and brutal to watch but it makes you feel glad to be alive.

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