lip up fatty

it would seem that fhm magazine is looking for people to participate in their weight loss challenge. i'm actually considering applying, mostly because i'd get a one year free gym membership out of the deal but also because i may be able to actually drop some weight.

from the forwarded email:

Once again FHM is looking for overweight men who want help shedding the lbs. As part of our annual weight-loss competition cosponsored by Bally Total Fitness, we'll be giving a group of guys a one-year free gym membership, personalized dieting tips and unlimited time with a personal trainer. Participants will have their lard-shedding efforts chronicled in FHM.

Several of the gentlemen who participated in last year's contest were able to shed 30 pounds over the course of six weeks. And last years winner took home $5,000 for his efforts (this year's prize has yet to be determined).

We're looking fora wide range of body types, from the massively overweight to the merely love-handled, so please forward this letter to anyone who you think might be interested or might know someone who might be interested.

To be considered for the contest, send an e-mail to Adam Winer at: adam.winer [at] emapmetrousa [dot] com. Please include:
  • Your name, age, weight, address and phone number
  • A brief statement explaining what your weight-loss goals are and why you want to shed the pounds
  • A digital photo or two showing your sloppy gut
Please have your emails in by Monday, January 12
i'd probably do a lot better with something like this than i would with my ill fated idea for an all lean pocket diet.

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