i don't wanna eat burritos

what a day. while i was out grabbing pho with eddy current, someone attempted to light my office building on fire. i really didn't know what had happened until one of the building porters asked me if things still smelled like burnt plastic and gave me the skinny.

in the break room is a couple vending machines and a small microwave that dates back to the late seventies or early eighties. apparently someone got a burrito out of the vending machine, left it in it's plastic and wrapped it in a grip of paper towels and tossed it in the microwave. then they stuffed the microwave with more paper towels, proceeded to turn the dial on the microwave all the way to an hour and walked away. a few minutes later the guard smelled smoke so he went to investigate and found black smoke pouring out of the microwave. if it'd been left alone for a minute more the break room would probably have caught fire...

the building has footage of them running down the hallway and out the fire exit - which has been handed over to the police - but the burnt ass burrito for some reason is sitting on top of the microwave. so for your enjoyment, here's a shot of the burrito that could've made my day a whole lot worse.

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