boinged to death

graph of server being boingboing'ed

after forwarding the link to my mirror of "yoshimi battles the hip hop robots" off to cory the other day i knew i should expect nothing less than a metric crapton of traffic. but until my boss asked me with a wide grin on his face "why was your box doing 5.5 megs of traffic yesterday?" i had no idea how much traffic it'd really end up doing. so for reference, the graph above is a minor visualization of how much traffic a mention on boingboing can get you.

i'm going to keep the mirror up until i'm told to take it down. it's been throttled to 1mpbs, so it's sort of crawling right now. if you'd like to set up a mirror, please feel free to contact me [ boogah |at| gominosensei |dot| org ] with a url that i can link on the mirror's page.

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