last night the ibook's hard drive developed a nice loud ping. at first, it was only when certian apps [see: iphoto] were open. this made me think that it was time to run disk first aid. but before i could shut everything down and get to my cds, i started to get the dreaded beachball.

after waiting about 20 minutes for things to level back out i was finally forced to do a reboot. disk first aid couldn't find my hard drive. i wanted to throw my laptop. fortunatley, since i'd had the laptop for no more than four days i really didn't lose much data. my last back up was pretty current. while i may have lost some minor data here and there, i still have everything that's really important on a dvd.

so i woke up at 6am and called apple support. after redoing the same set of diagnostics that i went thru the night before, they've decided to drop ship me another box. this means i get to wait another week while apple fixes my hard drive. since i haven't even had it back a week before something else failed on it, i'm livid. i'm halfway tempted to sell the damn thing once i get it back. that way i can take the money i make off of it and put that towards an dell inspiron.

but that's crazy talk... despite the problems that have cropped up over the past month i still love it to death - even if it doesn't love me. i've got a feeling i'm going to be buying the extended apple care package shortly.

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