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i wish more people in the los angeles area would use upcoming.org.

now, i say that mostly because of the recently added ical functionality which got me to log back in to my atrophied account. after taking another look around i realized that los angeles is a ghost town compared to new york or ann arbor.

granted, new york [510 users] puts the hurt on los angeles [243 users] as far as the sheer number of users go. plus they're a cultural mecca, and we're a land of strip malls and amusement parks. ann arbor [99 users] however has less than half the users of los angeles. if you take a gander at their listings they whomp the proverbial bejesus out of us with a cornucopia of things to do.

i could blame the apathetic hipsters spattered all over the southland for not keeping things rolling - but i've blamed almost everything on the meshback rocking, two buck chuck drinking, ironic t-shirt sporting, indie rock listening, ugg boot wearing hipsters as of late. they're a pretty good scapegoat, but i don't think they're the problem.

upcoming is what it's users make of it. seeing as how i'm a user, i'm going to start adding events in my spare time - even if they aren't things i'd normally attend - just so people have options. if we could line up another four or five people to start adding art openings and shows we'd have a really kicking events calendar.

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