snap judgement :: quick cd reviews

n.e.r.d. "fly or die"
i dig this album as much as i did "in search of...". "jump" is the only song that really hasn't managed to grow on me, but that's probably because it features the madden bros. from good charlotte. my personal favorites are "maybe" and "don't worry about it", but almost every song is pretty infective. that's sort of the neptune's signature tho... catchy and radio friendly. it doesn't disappoint on that front.
[final judgement: get it and crank it.]

descendents "cool to be you"
as much as i love the descendents, the jury's still out on this one. i dig half the tracks, but others are kind of forgettable. still, "nothing with you", "mass nerder", "cool to be you" and "`merican" end up being nuggets. come to think of it, i wasn't that happy with "everything sucks" initially. i'll give it a couple more spins before i pass final judgement. reguardless, a mediocre descendents album is better than most of the stuff that passes for punk.
[final judgement: worth a download.]

the postal service "give up"
i want to kick myself in the ass so hard for sleeping on this record. i've been looping "brand new colony" for at least the past two hours. every track is aural ambrosia and the whole disc is nothing short of freaking brilliant. for serious.
[final judgement: buy or steal this if you must.]

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