armchair quarterback :: pulpfiction

so freshly squeezed software unleashed pulpfiction on the world today. while it's a fresh take on feed readers i've got some nags with it that'll keep me from switching from netnewswire.

first and foremost, the mail-style interface is a good call. after importing my opml from netnewswire i spent a couple minutes setting up labels for the types of feeds i pull down [geek, personal, link lists, etc.]. sorting by label was a snap after i turned the field for it on in the main window and it let me read my blogs by category - which is what i like to do. also, the fact that entries didn't disapear until i deleted them was really nice. i could file away interesting snippets for later, or keep around entries that i found interesting. i have a subdirectory for "blog entries" in my bookmarks under safari, which is sort of crude - but it works.

at this point my biggest bitch [and maybe it's only a bitch because netnewswire spoiled me] is there's no "next unread entry" button. there isn't one in mail either, so i can see how they'd skip it. still, the lack of that button kept me from switching to shrook when i tried it too. also, if we're going to do the mail analogy can we at least allow a setting to turn on a mail.app style threading for posts from the same site? it wouldn't be necessary, but it'd be a nice feature.

despite the fact that i'm down on those last two bits the filtering feature is cool. it's one of the functions that sets pulpfiction apart from almost any other reader on the market. as it stands tho, any field that can be set in the main window should be allowed to be used as a filter. that includes filtering by labels. i'd love to be able to shove particular labels into their own folders, but as it stands i see no easy way to do so.

oh, and while i'm on feature requests can we get the dock icon to change, bouce or at least get a count of unread posts when new entries come in? mail.app at the very least gives me a count of what i've got in my inbox. [1]

if/when any or all of this gets implemented i'll consider paying for pulpfiction. until then, i'm sticking with netnewswire. sorry freshly squeezed software.

[1] enigma told me that i should be seeing a count of unread posts in my dock icon. that must be a bug. there are a lot of them, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was one.

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