love, reign o'er me

i've been having a run of decent luck this week - the only problem is mentioning that i'm having good luck will most likely kill off the streak i've been on...
  • i just got a dvd full of fansubs of ghost in the shell: standalone complex in the mail [from someone who shall remain nameless].
  • megs got me a gift subscription to wired. it's something i'd been meaning to do for a while, but she was the one who finally got around to it.
  • google bumped the storage on gmail out to a terabyte. it may be a fluke, but i really hope it's not. bollocks. it was a fluke.
  • i've come into posession of an advance copy of orbital's "blue album". i haven't had the chance to give it a spin yet, but i hope it's better than "the altogether".
  • i found a fiver on the sidewalk on the way into work yesterday morning.
all that has happened in two days. let's hope this week doesn't end with me getting hit by a bus. that'd suck.

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